Evidence of desire
A Tales of Desire Novel

She needs dirty whispers to get off.

He’s a man of few words.

Is this crime lab office tryst Dead On Arrival?

Forensic specialist, Stevie is on the verge of being promoted. But first, she must uncover dirt on the rival shift supervisor.

Senior specialist, Vin lives by the Golden Rule – look but don’t touch. That’s until his fantasy woman is thrust onto his shift for a week.

Can ambitious Stevie get what she needs to get him fired? Or, will temptations of the flesh get in the way?

Will introvert Vin keep his prickish armor up? Or, will he risk reputation and career to make his dreams come true?

If you like workplace affairs sweet and spicy with a side of murder, fingerprint dust, and DNA, then you’ll love this slow-burn contemporary romance.

Ride along on third shift to discover who will get their….Happy Ending?

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Jessie Scott was born a naughty daydreamer who finally starting putting those adult stories to paper several years ago. The women she writes about are confident, hardworking go-getters, but they also suffer from modern day insecurities many women face dealing with sex and love. The men in her stories are manly-men who know how to fix things and become part of the solution to releasing the O in romance.

Looking to get away from the Chicago winters they grew up in, Jessie and hubby moved to the Texas Hill Country in the late 90’s. There on their homestead, she can garden year-round, photograph nature, and ride her motorcycle.