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An unusual combination? I think not.

Actually, if you understand how cannabinoids work with the human body and that some women need a little help in the lube department, then it’s the perfect match. And I’m not talking about cannabis that contains the psychoactive component THC, but rather CBD that delivers relief without the cognitive side effects.

When paired with other beneficial herbs that enhance blood flow the ability to orgasm with or without a partner increases.

I say that’s worth a try.

There are two companies that I know of that produce such an oil and they were the inspiration of having my heroine in Seeds of Desire make her own.

What about the romance?

I think many a marriage and relationship could be helped if the orgasm gap were closed. Perhaps after the first step of acknowledging the problem, then fixin’ the problem becomes possible. By communicating and working together with the help of a cannabis lubricant, everyone can experience a happy ever after ending each and every time.

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