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What does a tiny hyper bird have to do with romance?

Well, I’ll tell you.

When I had to come up with a logo for my author branding, I didn’t want any of the common images you see like hearts, high heels, lips, or something obviously girlie. 🎀

Nope, not me. 😝

I wanted an image with a deeper meaning, so I turned to my 1988 book Medicine Cards by Jamie Sams and David Carson.

See, in the 1990’s, I was deep into the New Age movement with the goal of learning how to take care of myself through natural ways. I took classes and bought books on – essential oils, herbs, crystals and stones, chakras, healing touch, positive thinking, other such hippie stuff.  ☮️

The whole mind, body, spirit connection was very appealing as a way to accept, forgive, and take control in order to heal my inner fucked up self, compliments of the dysfunctional family I grew up with.

During this time, I was reintroduced to the Native American way of respecting all of God’s creations while living in balance with nature. So, what better power animal to represent not only my author brand, but what I’ve always strived to impart with any of my art – Joy of Hummingbird.


Did you know the feathers of the Hummingbird are used to make love charms? That’s because they are said to open the heart. 💜

How cool is that?

It is my hope in writing the type of romance stories I do, exploring female orgasmic dysfunction, that readers will be inspired to open their hearts to Hummingbird’s medicine and allow themselves, solo or with a partner, to indulge in one of life’s sweetest joys of life….

…. the Big ‘O’.

Until next time we pull up a stool, may all your endings be Happy Endings. 💋💋💋


(Jessie Scott logo designed by Steamy Designs)


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