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Welcome to my little corner of the Inter-web!  👩‍💻

Unlike the social media platforms that I find to be crowded rooms filled with copious distractions, irritating ads, and landlords who want a generous fee to show posts to the very people who are already following me 😡 I’m adding this blog to my reader outreach lineup.

Within this format, I have the freedom and control to speak directly with da people who want to follow me without a fickle middleman.

Yeay, Baby! F*** Da Man.

Having this penned speakeasy tucked away on my website, I will share my rebel opinions, observations, and suggestions on how to tune in the good stuff in life while tuning out 🏝 the stressful stuff. Mainly, the brainwashing “Those That Be” just love to target women with.

What better way to give the middle finger to the system, then by living a healthy and joyful life?

Here’s a few things I’m passionate about and want to share with you….


🥇  Steamy Romances Featuring Woman’s Orgasm Issues

I started writing romance stories for fun back in 2001. I shared them with a small community of women, and they loved them. Thirteen years later, I decided what the heck let’s go bigger. So, I dusted off one of those short stories, stripped it down to its very core, then built it from the ground up to produce a full-length story.

Sometimes, bigger is better.

Evidence of Desire is that book and the first novel in the Tales of Desire Collection that explores the different reasons why a majority of women don’t achieve orgasm with a partner.


I know, shocking, but true.

We’re led to believe magic fingers, tongues and penises are the only things a woman needs to eradicate decades of mental and emotional conditioning. Physical conditions like vaginismus and a hormonal deficiency (menopause) just to name a couple, is a whole other matter.

In my romance stories, I blend the fairy-tale women love to read with the reality many women deal with—orgasmic dysfunction. But worry not. I also sprinkle the whole shebang with a good helping of fairy dust for a true Happily Ever After for everyone. 😇


🥈  Growing Organic Food for a Healthy You

Over the past three decades, I have whittled away at reducing mine and hubby’s exposure to corporately grown GMO frankenseeds that are sprayed with chemicals, because the soil is void of life and nutrients, thus making it as bad, or worse as Soylent🤢Green.

Being an organic gardener allows me time to be outside in nature where I can hear the birds sing, see the Texas critters walk by, and watch in awe as a single seed grows to produce delicious vegetables.

And God willing and the creek don’t rise, in good years, an abundant harvest. 👩‍🌾

Hopefully, seeing the fruits of my organic garden will inspire y’all to try your hand at gardening even if it’s a small pot on a sunny windowsill.


🥉  The Indoctrination of Women to Unrealistic Standards

Between the entertainment industry and magazines telling young girls what society considers beautiful and desirable, it’s no wonder many women of all ages are not comfortable in their own damn skin.

Why do women starve themselves, go under the knife, or spend hard earned money on the newest fashion in the hopes of looking like someone else?

Because we’re bombarded from the get-go that we’re not good enough unless we can fit ourselves into their pigeonhole box of what is beautiful, desirable, and worthy of love and acceptance.


On average, women make less money than men, yet feel the need to buy makeup to cover our skin, shoes to match a purse, accessories to match an outfit, etc., etc. just so we “look” correct.

Cool! I’m money poor, but damn, I look bitching and might snag me a sugar-daddy.

I don’t think so. This lady doesn’t play that game.

So, if any of these topics pique your interest, or you like my unorthodox twisted views, then please subscribe and let’s Unlock the Joy within you to live a guilt free and healthy life. 😎


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